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Maggots are things scary movies are made of, but did you know that they are easily found in your trash bins? I mean, nothing is worse than throwing a barbeque and having a ton of flies converge on the party. As you may already know, maggots are fly larvae, and they start to form in an incredibly quick amount of time. It is hard to control your trash bags and what they do once you toss them inside the bin. One small tear in your bag will make for perfect conditions inside your trash bin and a virtual breeding ground for maggots. Flies love trash, they lay their eggs there, which mature into maggots, who then mature into flies. This is a quick process because flies will lay anywhere to 500 to 2,000 eggs. The maggots emerge from these eggs usually within 24 hours, which is why you need to control their reproduction.

How do I control their reproduction? Cleaning your trash bin is as important as cleaning your toilet. Flies will lay their eggs where they know their babies, or maggots as we know them, in moist, damp areas with lots of food. They do this because they know their babies will survive in this environment. Maggots will feed on your old rotting food and mature into flies, and repeat the process, quickly multiplying. Dirty trash bins are their safe place. Flies can lay their eggs and leave them there to grow for multiple generations if gone unchecked. Don’t delay, stop the process today and give us a call at Bin Butlers. We can bring your trash bins back to a sanitized and deodorized condition in no time at all, completely eliminating your fly and maggot problems.

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